Coastal Driving Tour

New Jersey's North Shore offers a pleasant driving (or biking) tour with many interesting stops along the way. During the high summer season, allow several hours to do the entire tour one way. Add extra time for your stops. A good idea would be to start the tour at one of the ends, and instead of backtracking, get on one of the highways or main roads to make your way back to your home destination.

We start the tour in the downtown shopping district of Atlantic Highlands. Get here by turning left onto First Avenue off of Route 36 East.

Understanding Route 36: Route 36 can be confusing. Think of it as a giant U. The top left side of the U begins at exit 105 of the Garden State Parkway. Travel east down that side until you reach the Ocean & Ocean Blvd. in Long Branch. Make a left and travel from south to north along the ocean to form the bottom of the U. Make a left immediately before entering Sandy Hook and travel West until you reach exit 117 of the Garden State Parkway to form the right side of the U.

Downtown Atlantic Highlands is lined with an assortment of shops & restaurants. At the end of First Avenue make a right into the Atlantic Highlands Marina. Here you can catch a ferry to NYC, join a sightseeing cruise on a large riverboat style yacht, the Atlantic Highlands Princess, jump on any one of the dozen or so fishing charter boats, or stroll the docks admiring the private boats.

More coming soon...