Asbury Park

The Asbury Park Region is comprised of the town of Asbury Park, located on the coast and in the central part of New Jersey's North Shore.

After suffering a very harsh economic downturn over the past several decades, Asbury Park is now in the midst of a cultural and economic revival. The vacant, dilapidated oceanfront area is undergoing a massive redevelopment, and hip shopping and dining areas are emerging.

The city is being gentrified by local and national artists, and also is becoming both a residential hub and tourist destination for the gay community. Made famous by Bruce Springsteen, Asbury Park has many venues where you can see indie rock bands and other emerging artists.

The beaches are wide and uncrowded, and inland around the Cookman Avenue area you can find some great antique galleries, unique shops and great dining spots.

Choosing Asbury Park as your trip's home base may still not be for the conservative types in 2007, but it is certainly worthy of a visit, if not to check out some of the great shopping and dining spots, at least to see Asbury Park before it becomes one of the region's hottest destinations.

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